What is the Senate Rewards Program CT?

 The Senate Rewards Program CT is an open membership to use our custom made car service which prestocks your reserved vehicle just the way you prefer, while at the same time allows you to gain points, which enables you or your company to FREE transportation in the near future. To sign up for the Senate Rewards Program CT CLICK on the REWARDS logo below and specifically indicate your interest, or you can just simply CALL us @ 1-888-556-5331  



How does the Senate Rewards Program CT initially work? 

Great question, as soon as you sign up, you are immediately rewarded 20 Points right off the bat. Everytime you place a reservation you will be rewarded 20 points. Once you accumulate 100 Points, you will be eligible for 1 FREE ride within 27 miles from your pickup location. You also have the option of holding off to gain more valuable points. The maximum amount of points you can accrue are 200, which basically rewards you (4) FREE hours of a 32 passenger shuttle bus within the state of Connecticut.


Sign up Fee: FREE


Once you sign up your rewarded= 20pts


**100pts = Guarantees you a FREE ride within 27 miles from your pickup location


**200pts =Guarantees you 4 FREE hours of a 32 passenger shuttle bus within the DC, MD, or Northern Virginia area.


**Once you use all your points and obtain your FREE service, you will automatically restart back to ZERO pts.**


Senate Rewards Program CT Referral Plan

  • If you refer Senate Rewards Program to a family member, colleague, or friend, we will automatically reward you with 10pts.


  • If you refer Senate Rewards Program to a company, or agency we will instantly reward you with 20pts.


Why should you or your company sign up for the Senate Rewards Program CT? 

  1. Complimentary newspaper of your choice in each vehicle (The Hour, Connecticut Post, The Advocate, Greenwich Times, New Haven Register, The News-Times)

2. Complimentary SNACK of your choice reserved in the vehicle upon pickup (Example, Snickers, bag of chips, peanuts, candy, popcorn, etc).

3. Complimentary Beverage of your choice reserved in the vehicle upon pickup (Example Diet Coke, green smothie, water, milk, juice, Red Bull, Ginger Ale, etc.)Ale, etc).

4. Complimentary never been used Pillows, or a prepackaged blanket prestocked in the vehicle upon pickup. (Are you in for a long ride with us, and you want to catch up on some much needed sleep..no worries ……we’ve got you’ve “COVERED”.

5. Complimentary magazine of your choice prestocked in the vehicle upon pickup. Sit back…enjoy your complimentary beverage, and read up on the latest edition of your favorite magazine.

***You have the option to choose 3 out of 5 Complimentary items on this list to prestock your reserved vehicle with.*** Sign up for the Senate Rewards Program Today!!!***


Who is more than likely to Sign up for the Senate Rewards Program CT? 

  • Corporate Frequent flyers who travel into Connecticut on a consistent basis whether by plane or train throughout the calendar year. Are you a frequent flyer, and you fly into Bradley International Airport (BDL), TF Green  Airport (PVD), Tweed New Haven Airport (HVN), or Hartford Brainard Airport (HFD)? Are you a frequent commuter on Metro North or Amtrak? The Senate Rewards Program CT is the perfect choice for you!!

  • Are you or your spouse planning your upcoming family transportation service in Connecticut? It would be highly beneficial for your family to sign up for the Senate Rewards Program CT. You have the option of going from location to location, and receiving your 6th ride FREE of charge!!! Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity. Reserve your family transportation through the Senate Rewards Program CT today!!

  • Any individual, or company that wants more than just a car service. Here at Senate Transportation Services CT, we are not interested in doing the bare minimum. We understand the value of great customer service, and we have no problem going the extra mile. Sign up for the Senate Rewards Program CT today, while receiving preferably first class treatment, and the opportunity to SAVE money at the same time!!